The Elecnor Group promotes diversity and inclusion in its corporate culture

The Elecnor Group is one of the leading global corporations in the development, construction and operation of projects, thanks to the effort, dedication and involvement of its over 22,000 professionals, who are spread all over the world whilst developing their professional careers in different fields of work. For this reason, it is fundamental that such a large organisation demonstrates commitment in its purpose and corporate culture to different causes that are relevant to society and its employees. In this way, the Elecnor Group is always working to reinforce its commitment both to the fight against corruption and the protection of human rights, such as diversity and inclusion, in its teams.

This multidisciplinary work calls for the incorporation of profiles from all sectors of society, with different levels of training and areas of knowledge. This is why at the Elecnor Group diversity is an intrinsic part of the performance of all its activities. 

The Group has a clear philosophy of good practices in order to foster diversity and inclusion. For example, its Equality Plan to guarantee the equal offer of opportunities between women and men has meant that, in the last year, there has been a 12% increase in the presence of women, and that 43% of the total of women have a higher qualification which enables them to be promoted to positions of responsibility within the Group. 

In order to guarantee compliance with all of this, the Compliance Policy, the Code of Ethics and Conduct and the policy on the fight against corruption act in a transversal way, by applying the principle of zero tolerance for bad practices of any type and, especially, in everything related to diversity and inclusion. 

Underlying all of this is the constant commitment to providing all the resources available for the professional and personal growth and development of the Group’s people. This is the only way to incorporate inclusion and the promotion of good practices and the fight against corruption into the DNA of all the professionals in the company.

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