Services and projects

This is the heart of the Group's business, both in terms of experience and economic dimensions. In this field, Elecnor acts as an integral manager of services and projects within the activities of electricity, power generation, gas, telecommunications and systems, railways, maintenance, facilities, construction, water, environment and space.

Infrastructure and renewables investment

This business covers the development, financing, construction, investment and management of energy assets. These are investments that enable Elecnor to develop major projects end-to-end, generating revenue from their development, implementation, operation and maintenance. 

Shareholders and investors

With more than 60 years of continuous growth and a presence in more than 50 countries, Elecnor Group has always been committed to generating value for its shareholders and investors by offering a global and transparent view of the company.

Presence in the world

Its international growth has given Elecnor Group a stable presence in more than 50 countries, through both investee companies and subsidiaries located abroad in addition to projects carried out in Spain.

Featured Projects

The Elecnor Foundation develops programmes to improve conditions for people living in less developed areas with poor access to such basic resources as energy and drinking water. It also fosters training and research linked to Elecnor's various areas of activity.
Working for Elecnor
Thanks to the commitment, effort and innovation of its more than 20,000 employees, Elecnor has become an industry benchmark.