Madrid, 15 march 2022

The Compliance Observatory of the Elecnor Foundation and the IE Foundation is promoting a podcast channel to deal with the challenges for companies regarding corruption and sustainability

The first podcast is now available, featuring Marisa Tendero, Non Executive Chairwoman and ex Global CEO of Noabrands

The channel ‘Compliance Matters: We care about a sustainable future’ is an initiative designed to share knowledge that will help SMEs to implement best practices in ethics, anti-corruption and sustainability 

The IE-ELECNOR Observatory on Sustainable Compliance Cultures, promoted by the Elecnor Foundation and the IE Foundation, with the collaboration of Eversheds Sutherland, has set up ‘Compliance Matters: We care about a sustainable future’, a podcast channel directed by Enrique Aznar, Academic Director of the Observatory, which deals with the situation of the Compliance Officer from the perspective of prominent executives, experts and business leaders. 

The initiative is being developed in a context where managing risks and opportunities, creating long-term value and communicating with an impact have become the cornerstones for companies in achieving sustainability.

The channel ‘Compliance Matters’, available on the Observatory website as a video-podcast and on the main platforms too (such as Spotify, Ivoox y Google Podcast), is part of this institution’s aim to strengthen its position as a source of knowledge on this subject, focussing especially on SMEs. The complexity of implementing best practices is even greater for smaller companies, who have to deal with regulations using more limited structures. 

According to a recent report drawn up by the Observatory, policies have little effect on values and the role of the leader is essential in influencing employees. In line with this is Marisa Tendero, Non Executive Chairwoman and ex Global CEO of Noabrands, who explains that “it is necessary to act from a position of conscious leadership, which motivates, which inspires and which speaks using the word we and not the word I. This conscious leadership and a team with good communication which feels proud of the company it works for, create a solid foundation.” And she warns, “Neither a leader on their own nor a board of directors on their own will achieve anything. In a team without values it is very difficult to retain talent, to progress.”

With this new channel, the Observatory aims to gather knowledge from leading companies to encourage the implementation of a culture of Sustainable Compliance in small and medium-sized companies, approaching challenges and possible solutions and tools through testimonies from professionals with wide experience. 


The Elecnor Group generates change and well-being. For this reason, it is conscious of the importance of its actions on people and on the environment of the areas in which it operates. Its objective is to maximise the positive impacts it has on society and the environment and minimise the negative ones, by means of responsible, ethical and transparent behaviour. This commitment is inherent in the entire development of the Group’s activities and its business strategy, as well as in its relationship with stakeholders.
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