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Elecnor has signed a partnership agreement to promote the employment of vulnerable people in Spain.

Elecnor has signed a partnership agreement to promote the employment of vulnerable people in Spain.

The mission of Fundación Adecco’s project #EmpleoParaTodos (Employment for Everyone) is to use employment to eradicate the social exclusion which affects the most vulnerable groups.

Madrid, 8 february 2021

The Spanish infrastructure, energy, services and telecommunications group Elecnor has announced today that it has signed an agreement with Fundación Adecco to promote the employment of people at risk of social exclusion. 

The company wishes to increase its social commitment to people in the current complex context of the health and social crisis. Therefore, Elecnor has joined the programme #EmpleoParaTodos, run by Fundación Adecco, an organisation which has been working for over 20 years to support the employability of groups of especially vulnerable people. The agreement has been signed by Rafael Martín de Bustamante, Chief Executive Officer of Elecnor, and Francisco Mesonero, Managing Director of the Fundación Adecco.

The objective of the initiative is to help people in socially vulnerable situations to find work that allows them to normalise their lives and avoid social exclusion. So, people with disabilities, single-parent families and/or people with limited resources are some of the groups that this programme is aimed at. In addition, it deals with groups that suffer more deeply in crises like the one caused by the pandemic, which is why this initiative may be crucial in avoiding situations of extreme vulnerability generated by crises that raise poverty rates.

The project #EmpleoParaTodos covers two essential areas: job seekers and companies. So, on one hand there is a team of inclusion consultants who guide, train and assist people at risk of exclusion so that they can find a job as quickly as possible; and, on the other hand, there is a team with expert knowledge of companies’ needs. This team promotes awareness in work environments through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategies that have an impact across the company.

The Chief Executive Officer of Elecnor, Rafael Martín de Bustamante, emphasises that “during these extremely difficult months we have sought to reinforce our commitment to the most vulnerable people in society more than ever, to help reduce levels of poverty and exclusion in our society. This agreement lets us help people at risk of exclusion through self-sufficiency, personal development and the return to normality that can only be provided by employment.”

As for Francisco Mesonero, Managing Director of Fundación Adecco, he thanks Elecnor for their support and calls for empathy and awareness from the business sector. “In times of adversity and uncertainty, the commitment of the business community is crucial to prevent the most vulnerable people becoming victims of the crisis twice over. However, it is not only about social justice; supporting those who are being hit the hardest simultaneously boosts the competitivity of the company, making it more diverse, innovative and sustainable.”

Through this commitment Elecnor continues to move towards a new model of society and company, which should have workforces that are diverse and inclusive, made up of people with different skills, abilities, perspectives and experiences. It is precisely in this human diversity that companies will find the innovation and competitivity necessary to tackle a changing future.