New organisation to strengthen Elecnor's compliance system

The Elecnor Group’s Compliance System is part of its principles and values and its efforts to continuously improve its management practices and procedures.

The Elecnor Group's Compliance System has been part of its principles and values since the Group’s foundation and its efforts to continuously improve its management practices and procedures. Since it was founded in 1958, Elecnor and each of its employees have been driven by and fully committed to carrying out their work to the highest ethical standards and in accordance with the laws in force in the territories and countries in which the company operates. They ensure that human rights are observed and defended and that labour rights are respected. They act with diligence, professionalism, integrity, excellence and care for the environment, with a constant focus on occupational health and safety, fighting corruption, and social responsibility.

In 2011, and in the context of the reform of the Spanish Criminal Code (2010), which introduced for the first time the criminal responsibility of legal persons, the Elecnor Group adapted its compliance system to these new circumstances and, among other actions, published its Ethical Code and established its first compliance committee.

Since then, the Elecnor Group's Compliance System has been constantly tweaked and enhanced to adapt to new circumstances and regulatory changes and to the highest national and international standards in this field. Major milestones have included being the first company in the sector in Spain to be certified as compliant with theUNE-ISO 37001 standard on anti-bribery management systems, and subsequently obtaining certification of its compliance system under the UNE-ISO 19601 standard oncriminal compliance management systems.

With the appointment of Gonzalo Sánchez Alber as the Group’s Compliance Officer and of the new members of the Compliance Committee, Elecnor intends to reinforce a structure and way of working that will enable the compliance system to be strengthened, improved and permanently operational. And it aims to do so while providing value by continuing to nurture cooperation between the corporation and businesses to improve the compliance system and ensure it is effective.

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