Hotel Technology Institute partners with Elecnor

The Hotel Technology Institute (ITH) partners with Elecnor in the area of construction and energy distribution. ITH is the hotel industry’s response to the challenges that technological advances pose for tourism industry entrepreneurs.

Opened sixteen years ago, the mission of this centre of innovation – which is part of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT) – is to promote the use of new technologies and management systems that contribute to improving competitiveness, profitability, quality, efficiency and sustainability of companies operating in the hotel and tourist industry.

Through this new alliance, Elecnor offers the hotel sector construction services: including the rehabilitation of spaces, buildings, facilities, finishes and equipment and decorative lighting, choosing and selecting the best equipment, furnishings and decoration and paying special attention to detail and quality in the final phase of the project.

José María González del Caño, Manager of Instalaciones II, says that: “Thanks to its efforts to champion the use of new technologies in the hotel setting, ITH will contribute to Elecnor's growth in this sector”.

ITH's General Manager, Álvaro Carrillo de Albornoz, meanwhile, comments that: “We are certain that Elecnor bring a lot of value to ITH and, by extension, to the hotel sector, given its extensive knowledge and experience as an end-to-end project manager”.

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